Uncertainty over pensions presents an opportunity to demand a more progressive future for all

I recently read about planned changes to university pensions which could leave average scheme members £200,000 worse off in retirement. In the context of ongoing deeply unfair austerity cuts and research published today by Joseph Rowntree Foundation showing almost 400,000 more UK children and 300,000 more pensioners plunged into poverty in past four years the plight […]

Has the science and technology committee struck a blow against the Investigatory Powers Bill?

As an organiser for Open Rights Group Birmingham, I have followed with interest and not a little weariness the twists and turns as the government’s draft Investigatory Powers Bill makes its way through the pre-legislative scrutiny phase. Today, the House of Commons science and technology committee published a highly critical report on the bill, with […]

What Shami Chakrabarti can teach us about valuing civil liberties and human rights

Photo Credit: oliver lamford via Compfight cc
As a member of the civil liberties organisation Liberty, it was with sadness that I read earlier this week week that Shami Chakrabarti is stepping down as director  after 12 years in the role. Shami Chakrabarti’s list of achievements – from overurning compulsory ID cards to challenging  internnment of foreign terrorist suspects and, most recently, […]

To stop the Investigatory Powers Bill, campaigners will need to make a strong case for targeted, not mass surveillance

On Wednesday, after months of speculation and a flurry of off-the-record ministerial briefings and some pretty cringeworthy attempts at PR by GCHQ, the UK Government finally published its surveillance bill, which has been given the more innocuous title of the Investigatory Powers Bill. The Guardian has produced a clear summary of the main points here. […]