Conservative Councillor Peter Douglas Osborn’s offensive comments prove the Nasty Party never went away

Candidates standing for the Bournville & Cotteridge ward in the 2018 local elections take part in a hustings hosted by The Cotteridge Church
On Thursday evening, I attended the local elections hustings event for Bournville & Cotteridge Ward, arranged and hosted by the ever civic-minded The Cotteridge Church. As a Labour activist, I came along to support our two excellent candidates, Councillor Liz Clements and Fred Grindrod, and to speak up for the socialist policies in Birmingham Labour’s […]

Bag is Beautiful: What Makes a Bag for Life Great?

Bag is Beautiful: which is your favourite? As some of you may know, I’ve got something of a soft spot for supermarkets. No matter how much I am told about their role in perpetuating everything that’s bad in society, from environmental destruction to in-work poverty, all of this ill-feeling melts away underneath the reassuring glow of the fluorescent lighting. If […]

Every Picture Tells a Story

Wet Night in Birmingham: from one of my recent Photo School assignments  (Please excuse me for giving this post such a hackneyed title. I blame Rod Stewart’s recent whirlwind of activity to promote his latest Christmas wares. I can’t promise things will get better from here on in but I will certainly try.) I am […]

Morrisons: The Rose that grew from Concrete

A bright future for Hagley Road beckons? Since moving to Birmingham in May I’ve found myself strangely fascinated by the rapid development of the new Morrisons supermarket on Hagley Road, next to the Five Ways roundabout I pass everyday on my way home from work. Today, the supermarket threw open its doors to customers for […]