Bag is Beautiful: What Makes a Bag for Life Great?

Bag is Beautiful: which is your favourite? As some of you may know, I’ve got something of a soft spot for supermarkets. No matter how much I am told about their role in perpetuating everything that’s bad in society, from environmental destruction to in-work poverty, all of this ill-feeling melts away underneath the reassuring glow of the fluorescent lighting. If […]

Generations Apart: Finding Work

The ultimate baby boomer: but how will today’s younger generation fare? So far this month my head has been filled with all sorts of plans for self-improvement, not to mention preparing to get married this April. Thanks are due then to BBC Radio 4‘s recent Generations Apart programme for helping me get outside of my own […]

Photographing 2013: My New Year’s Resolutions

The Big Wheel at Birmingham’s Christmas Market: my photographic highlight of 2012 Like half the country, the arrival of 2013 yesterday found me writing down New Year’s Resolutions and earnestly committing myself to personal wellbeing and self-improvement. I’m still working on the whole social sharing thing so I’ll spare you the serious stuff. Instead I’d like to use my […]